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We are what our customers are. From the very first moments to the customer, we have become the focus of attention and engine of our illusions, strategies and work. Only this can explain that MAKITO has become so quickly in the benchmark within the industry and the advertised promotional gift. The success encourages and pushes us to build an organization capable of serving the needs of the European market, with the tools that we have always used dedication to service and commitment to continuous improvement.

Our people

Turning dreams into something real and strategies, overcoming obstacles of every day, walking towards excellence, are the objectives of our people. The group MAKITO human form is the heart of our organization. We are all aware that every little improvement that we do in our work could mean a breakthrough in the service we provide. Enthusiasm and delivery of all is the best guarantee that we can offer.

Our means

To achieve our goal of service and build the capacity of our people, in recent years we have transformed structure, machinery, information and communication systems: Preparation ordering Area of four thousand and five thousand meters of picking. Machinery operators led by maximizing the use of space and efficiency. Area reception and storage distributed in seven ships, more than twelve thousand meters and fourteen thousand pallet holes. Integrated warehouse management with radiofrequency information on permanent status of the goods. On line access to the Web on availability of articles, situation of orders and purchases

Our service

The articulation of strategy, people and resources, generates quality service. Since 2005 our quality management system has been certified as ISO 9001:2000. During these years, the MAKITO catalogue has been expanded and improved, offering an extensive range of items covering all areas of promotional gift, introduction, and the pioneering of ecological online articles and environmental awareness. Our commitment to our customer service has reached in 24 to 48 hours in mainland Spain and Portugal. We also offer the possibility of direct imports through our department Asia express. Most importantly, every day we ask ourselves how we can improve, and what else we can do to become what our customers deserve.

Work with us

What ever your goals are, MAKITO is an organization big enough for you to reach your dreams. We are always looking for people with imagination and passion that will help us develope the future.

Quality Policy

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